Europe Bike Tour

For this year's summer trip, we decided to really go for it and head over to Europe. We blocked off a couple of weeks, bought some plane tickets, and started planning. My wife's parents also planned to be in Europe at the same time, so we all decided to do our own thing at the beginning of the trip, and all take our own individual journeys, leading to us meeting up in The Netherlands about halfway through the trip. My wife signed up for a yoga retreat on a small island off the west coast of Ireland, followed by a bus tour of the west coast. My father-in-law signed up for the "Four Days March", which takes place in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Participants walk either 40K or 50K each day, for four days. It's a different route each day, but they start and end in Nijmegen each day, where the entire town erupts into a huge party. It's quite the tradition in Nimegen, which has been taking place for almost 100 years. The population of the town grows from around 160,000, to well over 1 million during the week of the event! We would all take our separate ways to come together and celebrate in this huge party.

With everyone busy with their events, I set off on my bike for about a week through Europe. My only objective was that I wanted to be in Nijmegen by July 24th to see my father-in-law finish the last day of the march, and to celebrate with them. I could start from wherever I wanted, as long as I had enough time to get to Nijmegen. I had read about the Vennbahn trail on the Travelling Two website, and it sounded perfect for me. A mix of paved and gravel path, running through 3 countries, and it happened to be located in close enough proximity to get me to Nijmegen. With a bunch of online research, I put together a route starting at the Luxembourg airport, linking together a bunch of other cyle paths with the Vennbahn, that would put me in Nijmegen roughly 5 days later. The plan was to box up my bike, camping gear, and whatever I needed for a few weeks in Europe. Then after several flights and travel hours, unbox it all in the Luxembourg airport and off I go!