This project started as a combination of two New Year's goals: Get outside more often, and focus on my photography. So I made a resolution for myself get outside somewhere overnight at least once a month. By doing so, it sets up opportunities to document the places, activities, and people who join me on these trips through photography.

Some trips may be big physical challenges with complex logistics or routefinding, others could be as simple as a relaxing weekend spent camping at the beach. The method of each trip may change, involving car camping, backpacking, bike touring, 4x4 off road, etc... but all will include at least one night sleeping outside, and typically be something that can be done over a weekend.

This project is also a realization that adventure can come in many forms, and doesn't always mean a months long expedition, plane tickets to exotic locales, with expensive fancy equipment. It can be something right in your own backyard, using stuff that you probably already have in your house. Sometimes all it takes is the right mentality, maybe looking at your old familiar surroundings in a different way, and just going out there and getting it. So come join me and lets have some adventures!